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Due to our continuous expansion, Ok4UK will re-brand itself as Ok4UK Group and will divide our business in branches as follows: 1. The construction sector previously known as Ok4UK will be named Snag3 (Part of OK4UK Group). 2. A new division will be added to … Continue readingSnag3

Meet the Team

...the people around the world. The Nomads, the Travelers, the Explorers; the ones that sleep under the stars and under the raindrops.


Nick Boldorea

Founder & CEO

Explorer, Motorcyclist, Skydiver

Life is all those split seconds that make you feel happy or sad, the moments that take your breath away.


Saladin Vural

Vice President

I never DREAMED about success.

I work for IT!


Noël Michel

Marketing VP

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.