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4x4Nomad, off road custom made parts and safety gear. Joins Ok4UK Group. As a result of this joint venture, Ok4UK will open a new Automotive division, 4x4Nomad operations management will not be affected in any way. Ok4UK Investments will asist 4x4Nomad’s in expending to USA and Asian markets.

Etelka Hotels

With Ok4UK Investments will allocate funds for 2no Aparta-Hotels in Transilvania. New build apartments in Cluj-Napoca, Heart of Transilvania, will host locals and international tourists, Cluj Napoca being the host of Europe’s largest music festival UNTOLD . Etelka Hotels will manage the Ok4UK Estate division. As of 2019 Etelka Hotels ( and portfolio is […]

2017.09.09 joins Ok4UK Group Acquiring “Every Face got a Story” with its large customer base, is a strategic move for Ok4UK Group. This step has enormous potential to upgrade to the next level.