Corporate changes

In November 2018, we revealed the next phase of our long-term business strategy. This includes a set of 5 headline commitments, along with other commitments, that apply to all our brands and are to be achieved by April 2019. Our goal is to be a … Continue readingCorporate changes

In Septembre 2017, Ok4Uk Group acquisition 10% of CityStreety shares, adding CityStreety to its Automotive business. As part of the deal; 1. Ok4UK Group will finance the purchase of assembly plant on EU territory. 3. CityStreety will operate independently of Ok4UK, and the existent private … Continue

Nick Boldorea after a travel in Asia, decided to found a Trust to help the best he can … because is the human thing to do… ProjectICU. Story…started with one man (£250 in his pocket and homeless), then a job opportunity by chance rather than … Continue


Due to our continuous expansion, Ok4UK will re-brand itself as Ok4UK Group and will divide our business in branches as follows: 1. The construction sector previously known as Ok4UK will be named Snag3 (Part of OK4UK Group). 2. A new division will be added to … Continue readingSnag3