Alex Popivoda, MCIOB

(NVQ Assessor )

Alex Popovoda, MCIOB is an expert in construction logistics and construction health and safety. With a wealth of experience in the construction industry, Alex brings a unique perspective to health and safety management, with a focus on efficient and effective logistics and supply chain management.

As a certified health and safety professional, Alex has a deep understanding of health and safety regulations and best practices, and is committed to helping his clients achieve compliance and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

At OK4UK, Alex is an essential member of our team, providing expert consultancy, training, and support to our clients in the construction industry. His knowledge and expertise in construction logistics and health and safety management enable us to provide comprehensive solutions that address the unique challenges of this industry.

We are proud to have Alex as part of our team and we value his commitment to excellence and his dedication to helping our clients achieve their health and safety goals.